GET Call /SMS Autoresponder

GET Call /SMS Autoresponder

When you are not available app silently run in the background and automatically reply to any incoming calls and SMS with preset custom text message, Easy, Fun, and Smart

GET Call Notes **COMING SOON**

GET Call Notes **COMING SOON**

Add contact notes using your preferable address book, so that in future they are shown on the screen during an incoming or outgoing call. Always say what you plan to say to your Mom, Wife, Partner, Girlfriend.

GET Desktop Caller **COMING SOON**

GET Desktop Caller **COMING SOON**

Add an icon for any contact to your home screen to make a real one-click phone calls or SMS Make your mom, best friend and sure your boss literally at your fingertips. It makes a home screen most useful.


$0.90 | Get Autoresponder Pro

Instantly reply to incoming Calls and SMS messages without having to touch your phone. Just turn it on when you are not available and everyone who call you or sends an SMS will get your custom response

Simple, Useful, Make Your Life Easier


Set Your Status Now!!!

Set Your Status Now!!!


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