SMS Text Auto Responder

SMS Text Auto Responder

Whether you’re busy: driving, in a meeting, watching a movie, sleeping, in a school, or just where you would prefer not to be disturbed, act as simple as 1- 2- 3.

1. Set your STATUS and GET Calls SMS Text Auto responder will auto respond to phone calls and sms with preset (by you) text message
2. Set a list of people whose phone calls you will receive any way.
3. Set a list of people whom you want to send personalized message.

Deal with Your Calls/SMS at a Time That Suits You

Why to use GET Calls SMS Text Auto responder

Instantly reply to incoming Calls and SMS messages without having to touch your phone. Just turn GET Calls SMS Text Auto responder on when you are not available and it will silently run in the background and automatically reply to any incoming calls and SMS messages
GET Calls / SMS Text Auto responder free up some valuable time for you and make sure people know you’re getting their phone calls and text messages
With GET Calls SMS Text Auto responder, you no longer have to worry about people thinking that you are rude when you do not reply, because the app will reply for you

Set your status, turn on the app and let calls and SMS messages pass you by, confident that our latest app will let everybody know that you cannot speak at that time!

We understood that replying to SMS messages and calls can be inconvenient at times and that you don’t want to sound rude whenever you simply ignore an incoming notification. We wanted to give you the confidence knowing that with Calls SMS Text Auto responder, you no longer have to worry about misinterpretations or being unable to reply or pickup. We wanted to remove technology from the equation – so that now you have one less thing to worry about when your phone is nestled in your bag or pocket.

Download GET Calls / SMS Text Auto responder – simple, fast and free – now available on Google Play.

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