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SMS Auto Reply Text Message

Hands Full? Let Your Personal Responder Take Care of Incoming Text Messages

Concentrate on your daily tasks and priorities with this autoresponder! Create personalized replies to be automatically sent to multiple contacts when they call or text during busy hours – whether you are driving, attending a meeting, or spending quality time with your significant other. Take advantage of a selection of premade statuses and text messages, or easily set up your own from the app’s minimalist main screen. Add your preferred contacts to your “Emergency,” “Personalized”, and “Don’t Reply” lists – and relish the freedom of handpicking the people who can call you.

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Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler

Let Your Personal Secretary Reply to Your SMS Automatically While You’re Busy!

Do you have a busy lifestyle, driving around a lot or going through a series of meetings throughout the day? It pays to send your recipient the right message if your hands are full. Since you are unable to reply promptly, let someone do that for you instead. How about your personal secretary that helps you respond to your customers, letting them know that you are still in a meeting? This smart autoresponder will send SMS to one or multiple recipients through auto-reply.

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Auto SMS Scheduler / Sender

Conveniently Schedule Planned Messages for Automatic Sending Amidst Busy Days

Seize perfect moments with this personal SMS scheduler! Queue significant text messages in advance for future birthdays, anniversaries, reports, meetings, events, to-do lists and reminders – whatever you have in mind – and delight in the convenience, comfort, and security that they will be sent promptly according to the time, date, or weekday you have set. see more on Auto SMS Scheduler / Sender is reviewed in Appliv

Sleep + Silent Mode + Auto SMS

Automatically Respond to Calls and Text Messages without Interrupting Your Peaceful Slumber!

Wake up fully-rested with this SMS autoresponder! Schedule your sleep status to silence incoming messages and calls – and even social media notifications – from preferred contacts and let the app send personalized auto-replies as you peacefully sleep and escape to dreamland. To start, key in your sleep profile or status name and edit the default text message. Select the contacts you want to place under “Emergency” (for people whose phone calls you would still prefer to receive), “Personalized” (for people whom you prefer to respond with a personalized message) and “Don’t Reply” (for numbers you choose to ignore) lists.

Sleep + Silent Mode + Auto SMS is reviewed in Appliv

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Set Your Status Now!!!

Set Your Status Now!!!


We are on Appliv!

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