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95% price drop +7-Days Super SALE from September, 10 on Business Marketing AutoResponder.


SMS marketingAn exciting news for a small business looking to automate their business marketing activities we are announcing  95% price drop for our groundbreaking businesses automation app “Business Marketing Autoresponder” and in addition the limited time only 7-Days Super SALE beginning from September 10.

SMS Marketing AutoResponder,  is the fastest selling app from LeMi Apps, the keyword based Text Message AutoResponder is a unique Android app that allows small business to achieve marketing automation in an easier, more effective and affordable manner. Nowadays, customers want immediate access to information that is relevant to their current activity and easy to access. Texting is one of the most widely available methods of communication that is quick and accessible. Sending a keyword through SMS can be a great way for customers to interact with your business. Keyword-based Text Message AutoResponder is designed with the needs of small businesses in mind, through this easy to use app small businesses  will be able to automatically respond to keyword sent by the customers or potential clients, providing an affordable solution which can translate in to business time saving, and an increase overall sales.

One of the biggest reason why many small business are not able to business automation solutions due to the high costs, for a mobile marketing txt auto-responder solution there are 3 main costs Short code (phone number) for sending and receiving text messages, a software provider and the messaging cost. To solve the issue of high costs, LeMi Apps developed Business Marketing AutoResponder to reduce costs and increase affordability by removing the need to pay monthly for short code, setup fee and payments per amount of messages sent.

With the Keyword based Autoresponder Android App, businesses will be able to direct people specifically to places where they can spend money, such as:  A link to a reservation page To a product page, To their shopping cart, Offer deals or daily specials, Provide discounts / coupons or send out links to promo videos, download lURLs.



Keyword based Marketing SMS Autoresponder 24/7

SMS MarketingWe are glad to announce release of the first Marketing Keyword SMS Autoresponder application for Android on the Google Play store. The app is the only one of its kind and it replaces the previous option that business owners had of using well-known but cost-prohibitive mobile services.

1. allows businesses to create and serve on-demand content 24/7,
2. allows customers request info about the products / services by sending a text from their mobile phone, 24/7

“Information on Demand: it is the way that things are done in the modern world. Because of the relevance, the Information arrives exactly when the user is planning to buy a product or service and conversion rates are higher than with the proactive marketing,”

Set your Keyword based AutoResponder and it will earn money for you in the following ways

★ Daily Specials: offer deals or daily specials via text message.
★ Discounts / Coupons: users text to get discount on products or services.
★ Info: allows customers to request product information via text message
★ Sign-up for email subscription list
★ Website URL or any other URL (download, read etc), put your business information in the customer’s pocket for future reference
★ Directions: users text to get directions to your business or event.
★ Opening Hours.

Get it on Google Play

Auto SMS Scheduler

Auto SMS Scheduler / Auto SMS Sender – send SMS automatically to preset list of recipients at a scheduled time


sender★ Birthday SMS Wishes,
★ Holiday SMS Greetings
★ SMS to contacts in different Time Zones
★ SMS Reminders -medicine, pill reminder, to do reminder, team reminder
★ SMS Remote control over GSM for controlling any device that accepts commands via SMS messages and react on it by performing a task, like security system, open the gate, turn on the lights, heating or air conditioning.
★ Daily deals, coupons, events etc.
★ Auto SMS notifications
★ Send kiss day and love auto sms

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SMS Auto Reply Text Message

SMS Auto Reply – auto reply text message to missed calls and incoming sms once you are busy, driving, in a meeting, watching a movie, sleeping, in a school, or just where you would prefer not to be disturbed.
autoreply✔ Setup multiple profiles for auto reply (one for driving, one for sleeping, one for class etc).
✔ Each profile have its own settings (vibrate for meeting, totally silent while sleeping etc)
✔ Recurring auto reply text activated at a specific day and time on a scheduled basis.
✔ Option to set time, week days, repeat weekly
✔ Customize a reply message
✔ Emergency list – people whose calls you will receive any way
✔ Personalized list – people whom you want to auto reply with personalized message
✔ Don’t Auto Reply list – a list of people whose sms / calls, you won’t reply to
✔ auto reply to calls and sms only of your contacts
✔ auto reply to calls and sms only of non-contacts
✔ text auto reply to calls only
✔ much more

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Safe Driving + Auto SMS + TTS

Safe Driving + Auto SMS – auto reply text message to missed calls and incoming sms once you are driving. Save your money, health and life. Driving android app for secure driving! If you really need to attend to incoming messages, TTS – Text to speech service for incoming messages included and will read them to you, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road.

placeit(5)40% of all American teens say they have been in a car when the driver used a cell phone in a way that put people in danger, according to Federal Communications Commission. Text messaging creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted.
There are 8,000 accidents per day only in the USA due to the loss of focus and concentration, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA).
Texting and driving is worse than drinking and driving. Don’t SMS while driving.


Drive safely when Safe Driving + Auto SMS will let people know you’re on the road and will get back to them once you’re not driving. Text and drive without touching your phone.

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 Sleep Deeply Silent Mode Scheduler + SMS Auto responder

Sleep Deeply Silent Mode Scheduler will silence your phone automatically when you go to sleep and auto reply text message to missed calls and incoming sms once you are sleeping. Simply schedule the hours you don’t want to be disturbed.
sleepSleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.
Sleep helps your brain work properly. Studies show that a good night’s sleep improves learning.

Health Benefits of Quality Sleep

★ Improve memory
★ More creativity
★ Sharpen attention
★ Have a healthy weight
★ Lower stress
★ Avoid accidents
★ Steer clear of depression

The way you feel while you’re awake depends on what happens while you’re sleeping.
Download our Sleeping guard app that ensures you won’t be disturbed during hours you relax and sleep.

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Social MMS / SMS Android Autoresponder + Scheduler

Android AutoresponderA brand new all-in-one, simple to use Social  MMS/SMS Android Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler has just gone public, and it will make people’s lives simpler this 2014 Valentine’s Day and beyond.

The all-in-one Social MMS/SMS Android Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler will enable users to create they Valentine’s Day greetings – write text, add image, music, record voice and video – it make it luxurious greeting message and then schedule it to be sent at the certain time to preset list of recipients or just reply with your greeting message to all your incoming sms messages and/or missed calls.

“Begin not just the Valentine’s Day, but the coming 2014 New Year in a very special way Send wonderful personalized voice or video greeting “cards” to your friends, acquaintances, family and loved ones. And Social MMS/SMS Android Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler does it all for you.

The new app helps users instantly auto reply to missed calls and incoming SMS messages without having to touch your phone. Just turn the app on when you are not available, it will silently run in the background and auto reply to any missed calls and incoming SMS messages.

Today’s people live in busy and fast-paced environments, most do not have any time for real (old fashion) communication.

All the year round, there are all kinds of festivals, holidays and personal events for us to celebrate. Therefore, it is against this background that we have created the SOCIAL android autoresponder to help people further automate their lives. What that means is that you can record your Voice or Video holiday (or other event) greeting “card” and let all your friends and relatives know you are thinking of them in one go.

The primary purpose of the Social MMS/SMS Android Autoresponder + SMS Scheduler is to make sure people know the recipients of their messages or calls are not ignoring them.

Besides the above, the Android Autoresponder can also auto reply with Valentine’s Day greetings to all your missed calls and incoming SMS, such as send audio greetings (you record), send video greetings, send images and text, send them all together, send Valentine’s Day SMS (MMS) messages to your loved one(s)… it’s really a great SOCIAL Android autoresponder.


GET Calls / SMS Text Auto responder is Finally Released


Do you have a busy lifestyle? Unable to answer your Android Smartphone when someone calls or texts you? With GET Calls SMS Text Auto responder, you no longer have to worry about people thinking that you are rude when you do not reply, because this android app will reply for you

 Auto-respond messages to your family and friends to let them know where you are or just that you are ok and there is nothing to worry about. Give them the peace of mind next time you become disconnected from the always-connected world.

Get It on Google Play

We pre-released the application to a group of individuals (android users) – and they all found their communicative life much easier to handle, especially when they were busy driving, in a meeting or simply unable to be reached on their mobile phones

“GET Cal / SMS Auto responder is a 5 star Perfect app”

“This android app is awesome. When you know you’re going to be busy, just set your status and activate. No more upset girlfriend because you didn’t respond. 😉 No problems, Very customizable, everything I could want in an auto reply app! LOVE IT! I use it every day on my Galaxy Note”

“Wonderful app… This is what I was searching for… Does what I wanted. Auto reply for different situations. Simple and good. Very useful. A necessity for daily business or personal use!”


Business Marketing AutoResponder FREE TRIAL

Business Marketing Autoresponder is a simple, yet effective Mobile Business Text Messaging App, for all types of businesses, that allows customers instantly request service / product information and you send promotional information to the customer’s phone + capture customer’s mobile numbers. – text deals, coupons, price list, video, links, location, etc.

★ NO need to buy short code, NO setup fee, NO per message payments ★


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Sleep + Silent Mode + Auto SMS Android App

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Safe Driving + Auto SMS + TTS Android App

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Business Marketing AutoResponder

 Business Marketing AutoResponder