Ryan Dittmann

SMS Auto Reply for Missed Calls App

I use it for my business phone and it’s awesome.I’ve gotta’ say, this app works really well.

Virginia Sethrona

SMS Auto Reply for Missed Calls App

I honestly attribute the success of my small online business to this app. Thought it I am able to reply promptly to customers whenever they order goods something which has really helped me. Moreover it has features which aid in doing tasks such as setting the time it will reply the messages. This app is absolutely incredible and I highly recommend it.

World-Class Health Club

Keyword based Autoresponder

At World-Class, we love SMS Marketing Auto Reply app. People can text class name and get a full info and hours of yoga, cardio dance, Zumba etc. We have more than 30 keywords set up now.

Todd Warden

SMS Auto Reply for Missed Calls App

This (I would have to assume for most people) is one of those rare ‘must-have’ apps. And because it’s a one time purchase, it’s easily worth 5 times the price.

Brett Brennan

SMS Auto Reply for Missed Calls App

Does exactly what it says on the tin, and it works 24/7, precisely as i need. Definitely on my tool belt!


Keyword based Autoresponder

“I’m on call 24 hours for emergencies. This means that people will call me for things that aren’t emergencies and they have always expected me to answer the phone right away or return their texts.

Auto Reply app for missed calls and incoming texts has allowed me to auto respond to them to let them know my normal working hours + list of keywords, instead of them feeling neglected or feeling like I wasn’t able to be reached.


Keyword based Auto Reply App allows me to reply to keywords that will send them the needed rules for the building I manage.

I’ve been working in this industry for many years and these are the first months where I’ve been able to enjoy my time off duty.

Frank’s Pub

Keyword based Autoresponder

I didn’t really think it would be as popular with our customers as it has been. We use this app for: events, daily pint specials, new brews and more and amazingly, our response was huge.


Keyword based Autoresponder

Civilian First Responders

We have implemented Keyword based Auto Reply to provide backup emergency response to requests for help in the event an operator is away from the device. SMS Auto Reply App for Missed Calls responds with a list of keywords to get an appropriate info, like rescue, help, emergency, flood, flooding, medical, 911 etc.

For example 2017 Hurricane Irma Operation – 30,000 people helped save many lives.

We have Keyword based Auto Reply running for WhatsApp and Google Voice. Tested both and they are operational!


Preeti Rai

SMS Auto Reply for Missed Calls App

The SMS auto reply app is really a great time saver and help for replying to the clients/users when you are busy. It saves lot of efforts and time. I really liked the list of replies they have and the create list of users feature to whom you can set an auto reply. It is all on a set schedule that I make.The app is very easy to use, user friendly, amazing features and works perfectly fine for me. It adds a personal touch by sending auto responses configured by me.

Kenneth Hankins

SMS Auto Reply for Missed Calls App

Really helpful and much needed in my line of work

Team Gastardo

SMS Auto Reply for Missed Calls App

Finally found Call / SMS Auto reply app that actually works on Android 13.