Marketing SMS Autoresponders for Small Businesses





  • Text COVID, to get current regulations related to COVID-19 pandemic
  • Text SAFETY, to get current safety guidelines
  • Text MEASURES, to get of review all the safety measures we have in place
  • Text EMERGENCY, to get a list of emergency supplies
  • Text MEDIC, to get a recommended list of disinfectant and hygiene items

 COVID-19 related Auto Replies

You can download our Keyword based Marketing Auto Reply App and use the keywords above FREE OF CHARGE without purchasing subscription.

Set up COVID-19 related Auto Replies, to ensure your customers get the information that matter right now!

Customers Get Relevant Information – Businesses Save Time and Resources


Keyword based Auto Reply app allow you to focus on both solving problems and ensuring that customers get the best experience from your business.

  • Provide Effective Customer Service, delivered in response to customer requests.
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Develop Customer Loyalty = Increase Sales

customer service

Companies faced with higher volumes of support and service cases can adopt Keyword based Auto Reply app to help manage customer relations. Using our app can significantly help customer service, customer support, and customer success teams.

Marketing and Sales Teams also have a significant influence over the company’s interactions with the customer.


  1. A lot of repetitive questions via phone calls or /and text messages
  2. Customer Inquiries when you are busy – Massage & Beauty Salon, Barbershop, Health Spa Services
  3. Customer Inquiries outside of working hours. When you get a lot of traffic on after-hours, weekends and on Holidays



No one wants to wait for answers to customer service problems anymore. Using text message-based customer service allows you to give quick answers to customer questions and address service issues efficiently.

Set up automated Answers with intuitive workflow that use keywords as an automation triggers. Structure the bot to answer user questions


 Auto, Motorcycle, Boat & RV Dealers

Use X-digits of a VIN# as a keyword. Clients will text it in order request more info. Place them as an inside the window stickers. Text back a complete listing of the vehicle

 Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Broker, Property Manager etc

 Customers request info just when they see the property.

Most of the common questions for the property are set to keywords that will send auto replies to answer their concerns.

Reply with: Property Details, Link for an In-Depth Tour of the Property, Scheduled Showing, Property Listings, Property Profile , Size and Price, List of Documents to Fill In, etc

It saves time in manually sending info about a service repeatedly (or answer phone calls).


Generate Leads for Real Estate Market


62% of all home buyers prefer to get Property Info via Text Message

FULL STORY in PPT Presentation or Download PDF

Here is just a partial list of users of SMS Marketing Auto Reply App for Real Estate

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Buyers’ Agent, Sellers’ Agent,
  • Residential, Commercial Agent
  • Real Estate Broker
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Consultant
  • Real Estate Loan Officer
  • Mortgage Broker
  • Real Estate Assistant
  • Real Estate Marketing Specialist
  • Real Estate Developer
  • Real Estate Wholesaler
  • Real Estate Investor          
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Home Inspectors
  • Real Estate Appraiser
  • Leasing Agent

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The Smartest Way to Market for Small Businesses in 2020

Increase Sales and Generate more Revenue

Business SMS Marketing

Increasingly, people want information right away when it’s relevant to their current activity and texting is the preferred way to get that information.

Because of the Relevance of Information that arrives exactly when the user is planning to buy a product or service, Conversion Rates Are Higher than with proactive marketing

FULL STORY in PPT Presentation or Download PDF

Here is just a partial list of benefits of

Business SMS Marketing Auto Reply App

  • High Open Rates
  • High Response Rates
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Auto Responds to an Inquiries 24/7
  • Increase Sales
  • Engage Customers
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Improve Productivity
  • Boost Awareness
  • Cost-Effective and Affordable
  • Time Efficient

FULL STORY in PPT Presentation or Download PDF

95% price drop +7-Days Super SALE on Business Marketing AutoResponder.


business marketing An exciting news for a small business looking to automate their business marketing activities we are announcing  95% price drop for our groundbreaking businesses automation app “Business Marketing Autoresponder” and in addition the limited time only 7-Days Super SALE

SMS Marketing AutoResponder,  is the fastest selling app from LeMi Apps, the keyword based Text Message AutoResponder is a unique Android app that allows small business to achieve marketing automation in an easier, more effective and affordable manner. Nowadays, customers want immediate access to information that is relevant to their current activity and easy to access. Texting is one of the most widely available methods of communication that is quick and accessible. Sending a keyword through SMS can be a great way for customers to interact with your business. Keyword-based Text Message AutoResponder is designed with the needs of small businesses in mind, through this easy to use app small businesses  will be able to automatically respond to keyword sent by the customers or potential clients, providing an affordable solution which can translate in to business time saving, and an increase overall sales.

One of the biggest reason why many small business are not able to business automation solutions due to the high costs, for a mobile marketing txt auto-responder solution there are 3 main costs Short code (phone number) for sending and receiving text messages, a software provider and the messaging cost. To solve the issue of high costs, LeMi Apps developed Business Marketing AutoResponder to reduce costs and increase affordability by removing the need to pay monthly for short code, setup fee and payments per amount of messages sent.

With the Keyword based Autoresponder Android App, businesses will be able to direct people specifically to places where they can spend money, such as:  A link to a reservation page To a product page, To their shopping cart, Offer deals or daily specials, Provide discounts / coupons or send out links to promo videos, download lURLs.


Keyword based Marketing SMS Autoresponder 24/7

SMS MarketingWe are glad to announce release of the first Marketing Keyword SMS Autoresponder application for Android on the Google Play store. The app is the only one of its kind and it replaces the previous option that business owners had of using well-known but cost-prohibitive mobile services.

1. allows businesses to create and serve on-demand content 24/7,
2. allows customers request info about the products / services by sending a text from their mobile phone, 24/7

★ “Information on Demand: it is the way that things are done in the modern world. Because of the relevance, the Information arrives exactly when the user is planning to buy a product or service and conversion rates are higher than with the proactive marketing,”★

Set your Keyword based Marketing AutoResponder and it will earn money for you in the following ways

★ Daily Specials: offer deals or daily specials via text message.
★ Discounts / Coupons: users text to get discount on products or services.
★ Info: allows customers to request product information via text message
★ Sign-up for email subscription list
★ Website URL or any other URL (download, read etc), put your business information in the customer’s pocket for future reference
★ Directions: users text to get directions to your business or event.
★ Opening Hours.

Get it on Google Play

SMS Auto Reply Text Message

SMS Auto Reply – auto reply text message to missed calls and incoming sms once you are busy, driving, in a meeting, watching a movie, sleeping, in a school, or just where you would prefer not to be disturbed.
autoreply✔ Setup multiple profiles for auto reply (one for driving, one for sleeping, one for class etc).
✔ Each profile have its own settings (vibrate for meeting, totally silent while sleeping etc)
✔ Recurring SMS Autoresponder activated at a specific day and time on a scheduled basis.
✔ Option to set time, week days, repeat weekly
✔ Customize a reply message
✔ Emergency list – people whose calls you will receive any way
✔ Personalized list – people whom you want to auto reply with personalized message
✔ Don’t Auto Reply list – a list of people whose sms / calls, you won’t reply to
✔ auto reply to calls and sms only of your contacts
✔ auto reply to calls and sms only of non-contacts
✔ text auto reply to calls only
✔ much more

Get it on Google Play


What Types of Businesses Can Make the Best Use of the SMS Marketing Autoresponder App?

Bars & Nightclubs:

Customers can find out what theme is going on that night, what the drink specials are and the name of the entertainment.


Customers are able to use the system to make and check on reservations, see what the specials are and even get information on how long it might take to get a table.

Real Estate Agents & Property Mangers:

Agents can communicate with customers and get the right homes in front of the right buyers more easily. Potential home buyers can simply text a property ID to get the latest price information and more.

Retail Stores:

Retail stores will be able to advertise their keywords on social media and on their own advertising so that new and old customers can see when sales are happening, when new merchandise has arrived and much more.

Gyms & Health Clubs:

Gyms can give out information on rates and have a ready-made customer base to send advertising messages to, and with a more than 8% response rate, SMS advertising is more effective than anything else out there. Clubs can also provide important information for members when they need to.

and much more

The Keyword Autoresponder can also be used by Insurance Companies, Churches, Doctors and Dentists, schools and universities to communicate with students and for organizations to provide information or communicate with suppliers or employees.


Mobile SMS Marketing

Business Marketing AutoResponder FREE TRIAL

Business Marketing Autoresponder is a simple, yet effective Mobile Business Text Messaging App, that allows customers instantly request service / product info and you send promotional information to the customer’s phone. ★ NO need to buy short code, NO setup fee, NO per message payments ★

SMS Marketing!

WhatsApp Auto Reply

AutoResponder for WhatsApp

Auto reply for WA - automatic reply with text message to incoming WhatsApp messages when you are busy, away, in a meeting, in school, on vacation, out of office, driving, watching a movie, sleeping.

WhatsApp Auto Reply!

SMS Auto Reply

SMS Autoresponder

SMS Auto Reply - auto reply with text / sms message to INCOMING SMS TEXTS / WA MESSAGES / FACEBOOK MESSAGES, once you are busy, driving, in a meeting, watching a movie, sleeping, in a school, or just where you would prefer not to be disturbed. Setup multiple profiles. Personalized list. Black List.

SMS Auto Reply