Keyword  based Autoresponder for SMS Marketing

Keyword based Autoresponder for SMS Marketing

Keyword based Autoresponder for SMS Marketing

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Keyword-Based  Marketing Autoresponder App for Small Business and Self-Employed in a Glance

Reply to: SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Viber, Line +7 more channels

  • Automates Repeating Tasks
  • Handling product and service inquiries
  • Enables 24/7 Service
  • Boosts Customer Engagement
  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Reduces Overhead Costs
  • Increases Sales and Revenue
  • Saves Time
  • Auto-reply to leads

Keyword-Based = Rule Based = Trigger Based = Trigger Word

  • Unlimited Keywords,
  • Unlimited Auto Replies,
  • We do NOT Charge for Inbound and Outbound SMS


NO Automatic RenewalNO Obligation
Control, Transparency, and Flexibility

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Product Description

SMS Keyword Autoresponder App for Text Marketing


Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder is a simple, yet effective Text Message Marketing App for small Businesses and Self-Employed.

Keyword Based Auto Reply App allows
— Customers instantly request service / product information
— You to send instant, automated text messages to customers / potential clients after they’ve texted a specific keyword to your phone number

+ capture customer’s mobile numbers for further communication and marketing

Use Keyword based Auto Reply Mobile App to:

  1. Engage with your customers via text, WhatsApp, Facebook +12 more Messengers
  2. Respond instantly to incoming leads and customer’s requests
  3. Automate answers to common client’s pre-sale and post-sale questions
  4. Identify customer’s interests and communicate accordingly

Reply with deals, price list, link to video, info links, location, etc according to your marketing strategies  (see samples below or read 50 Possible Uses of Auto Reply Text Marketing)

SMS Marketing Autoresponder

“Info On Demand” Delivery Allow users To Get Immediate Response!

Text Marketing Autoresponder is effective MARKETING AUTOMATION TOOL that helps you

  • Increase Sales,
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Stay Productive

Provide the multi-channel experience to your customers = marketing, selling, and serving customers on all channels to create an integrated customer experience no matter where a customer reaches out.

SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, Skype, Line or Viber. Build a consistent messaging across each of these channels.

The experience will be the same for users regardless of the platform they choose to message you in order to get information.

No matter where user will send you a keyword they will instantly receive, requested information and it will be the same information across all channels

In a multi-channel environment, the user has access to a variety of communication options and can move between them seamlessly.


SMS Keyword Autoresponder App for Small Business


NO Credit Card Required · NO Automatic Subscription Renewal · NO Obligation

What SMS Marketing Autoresponder Can Send for You


Daily Specials – offer deals or daily specials
Discounts – customers text to get discount on products or services.
Info – SMS Keyword Autoresponder allows customers to request product information via text message marketing
★ Text Marketing Autoresponder auto replies to Property Requests for Real Estate Marketing
Website Link, Download Link, Schedule LInk or any other URL, put your business information in the customer’s pocket for future reference
Directions: – users text to get directions to your business
★ For a car dealership sales representatives or vehicle local distribution – auto reply 24/7 for car info requests

Who Uses Keyword based SMS Marketing Autoresponders?

Different types of businesses use Pull Text Message Marketing – means they do not initiate communication (Push Text Marketing) if user did not request it. But first, auto reply to users request (Pull Text Marketing) and then continue permitted communication.

Keyword based Auto Reply App have literally unlimited use cases. Here you will find just a partial list of possible uses of keyword based business autoresponders. They are very flexible and have very wide variety of possible options for delivering instant information.

The possibilities are literally endless

  • Property Managers
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Gyms & Health Clubs
  • SPA
  • Skin Clinics and Beauty Salons
  • Wellness Services,
  • Health Medical Services
  • Schools, Universities
  • Online Courses
  • Digital Products
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Local community’s centers
  • YouTube Channels
  • Local Television
  • Radio stations
  • And more

Mentioned in the News


Here is just a partial list of benefits of SMS Keyword Autoresponder

  • High Open Rates
  • High Response Rates
  • High Conversion Rates
  • Auto Responds to an Inquiries 24/7
  • Increase Sales
  • Engage Customers
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Improve Productivity
  • Boost Awareness
  • Cost-Effective and Affordable
  • Time Efficient

Text Marketing Examples – SMS Marketing Best Practices


Text Gym to get a list of fitness classes
Text Yoga to get a schedule
Text Pizza to get 20% off, on your next order
Text Property ID to get info from real estate agent

Text Message sent through SMS Marketing Autoresponder app goes viral since people forward them to their friends and family

Where to promote your keywords so that people can text you:

  1. Your website or Blog
  2. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc
  3. Email Signature
  4. Email newsletters
  5. Business Cards
  6. Within Auto Reply messages to missed calls and Incoming Texts
  7. flyer distribution
  8. leaflet maildrop
  9. billboard advertising
  10. via posters
  11. Office Bulletin Board
  12. Window Stickers
  13. And much more

SMS Keyword Autoresponder

Why use SMS Keyword Autoresponder is a MUST in 2021

Mobile-Friendly Business is a Necessity

These days, almost everyone who will potentially “shop at your store” will have a mobile device, and for most of them, it is the only way to  communicate.

Customers want information faster, and even navigating to your website and finding out the information they need, might not be fast enough for them, no matter how easy you make it to find.

Information instantly and on demand

That’s exactly what the Text Marketing Autoresponder does and it is The Only Android App  that does it.

Show your customers you are value their time!


Explained Benefits of Keyword Text Marketing Autoresponder

Keyword based Text Message Marketing Autoresponder allows businesses to create and serve on-demand content 24/7 and give customers advances of modern business communication.

It is a simple, unique tool, that REPLACES the previous, well-known but cost prohibitive SHORT CODE SERVICES.

We are all want information right away when it’s relevant to our current activity, exactly when we are planning to buy a product or service, so it will take us to get an educated decision.

High Open Rates, Response Rates and Conversion Rates

Text messages do not get lost due to spam filtering or categorization problems, like email sometimes does and the response rate is several times higher than email. The conversion rate for an email-marketing message is around 1.5% while the response rate for SMS is 8.5%.

The System Responds To an Inquiries 24/7

Your business is still able to be “on” even when you aren’t, and that doesn’t just include evenings and weekends – that also includes holidays, vacation times and more.

Boost Awareness

Any SMS message you are sending out may go viral, since people are sharing (forwarding) interesting info with friends and family. You are sending 1 (one) SMS and putting your brand on a multiple phones.

Text Message Marketing is Cost-Effective and Affordable

It is affordable for any business budget! With the price of keywords starting at just 35 Cents / day (1-year subscription), every business in the world will be able to afford it.

It’s Time Efficient

Imagine if 500 customers called your store every day, asking about your hours. You’d never get any work done! All you’d be doing is answering the phone and telling people your hours. Of course, you probably don’t get that many phone calls a day asking that particular question.

But if you are like most businesses, you get at least a few, and setting up SMS Marketing Auto Reply for hours, specials or other information that you are asked regularly could free up some serious time and make your business more efficient.

How to Configure Keyword based SMS Marketing AutoResponder


Add your own Auto Reply
  1. Add your own Auto Reply (press “+” icon and give it a name)
  2. Add your auto reply text message marketing
  3. Add keyword to reply to
  4. Chose auto reply channel
  5. Press Set time  or
  6. Tap Save button

Text Marketing Autoresponder


Set Time for SMS Keyword Autoresponder


Choose an appropriate Auto Reply from the list.
Run auto reply manually without defining time if you would like it to run 24/7

SMS Keyword Autoresponder

Turning Text Marketing Autoresponder ON

SMS Marketing Auto Reply App











Choose the appropriate Auto Reply from the list and TURN it ON, using the button to the right of auto reply. Once Auto Reply is start running, background changes to dark blue

Reports for Text Message Marketing

To see the status of a messages delivery, press SMS Keyword Autoresponderr Menu and choose “Sent Messages Report”.
In every entry of the report specified real date and time of sending and status of the operation
Press on the Entry to see detailed reports with recipients name or phone number

Why You Should Use Effective Bundle of SMS / Call Auto Reply App with SMS Keyword Autoresponderr

Combining a regular SMS Auto Reply app with a SMS Marketing Autoresponder can dramatically improve your company’s communication.

Reply to MISSED CALLS and INCOMING SMS and place at the end of your standard “not available” message, a list of keywords users can send you and get auto reply with requested info

Keyword-based SMS Autoresponder vs Calls / SMS Auto Reply

Additional information

Unlimited Keywords Subscriptions

1-Month, 3-Months, 1-Year

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