Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder: Elevating Small Business Advertising and Customer Engagement

Summary: The Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder app is a dynamic tool tailored for small businesses, facilitating marketing, promotion, and advertising endeavors through automated responses to keywords within text messages (SMS). The article sheds light on the app’s role in streamlining customer queries, lead inquiries, and advertising efforts while ensuring prompt, targeted responses, ultimately boosting sales and revenue. The app is positioned as an indispensable companion for small businesses, optimizing efficiency and customer interactions.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
    • A brief overview of the Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder app’s purpose and its relevance for small businesses.
    • Addressing the common challenges faced by businesses, including repetitive customer inquiries via text messages and lead inquiries during and after working hours.
  2. Privacy Policy
    • A detailed look at the app’s privacy policy, highlighting how it accesses, uses, and stores Google user data.
    • Understanding the privacy and data usage aspects to ensure user confidence.
  3. The Need for Keyword-Based Auto Reply
    • Exploring the demands of businesses facing high volumes of customer support and service.
    • Introducing Keyword-based Business SMS Marketing Auto Reply Bots as a solution for effective customer relationship management.
  4. Multi-Channel Marketing Approach
    • Discussing the app’s ability to connect with customers across multiple platforms, including SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Business Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Signal, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, Viber, Skype, Discord, and more.
    • Emphasizing the power of Keyword-based Business SMS Marketing Auto Replies across these channels for business marketing and promotion.
  5. Setting Up Automated Marketing Campaigns
    • How the Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder app enables the creation of automated marketing campaigns, offering responses to product and service inquiries, FAQs, and business advertisements.
    • Streamlining marketing efforts and saving time.
  6. Cost-Efficiency and Integration
    • Outlining the cost-effective nature of the app, eliminating the need to purchase short codes and incur setup fees or per-message payments.
    • Demonstrating the app’s seamless integration into marketing strategies across various platforms.
  7. Expanding Your Marketing Strategy
    • Highlighting the app’s role in enhancing mobile marketing strategies within small business marketing management.
    • Exploring the benefits in staying connected with customers, suppliers, employees, dealers, and distributors.
  8. Optimizing Mobile Marketing
    • Leveraging the app’s features for text messaging campaigns, WhatsApp business campaigns, email marketing, and other digital marketing efforts.
    • Real-world applications in daily specials, deals, discounts, and more.
  9. Marketing with Keywords
    • Offering a step-by-step guide on how to market a business using keyword-based marketing texting.
    • Explaining the process of pairing keywords with business promotions or advertisements.
  10. Key Features of the Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder App
    • Delving into the app’s core features, including unlimited keyword pairs for business advertising messages.
    • Multiple autoresponders functioning simultaneously for efficient management.
    • Options for data export/import, statistics tracking, and the app’s role as a vital sales and marketing tool for small businesses.
  11. Conclusion
    • Summarizing the app’s pivotal role in transforming small business marketing, advertising, and customer engagement.
    • Underlining the significance of mobile marketing and customer responsiveness in the contemporary business landscape.

Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder

Business SMS MarketingBusiness SMS Marketing Autoresponder – an app for small business marketing / advertising / promotion, that auto reply to product / service requests by responding to keywords within texts (SMS). GETTING: A lot of repetitive customer‘questions via text messages, leads Inquiries when you are busy within working hours, after working hours, weekends and on Holidays. Targeted message triggered at just the right moment – instantly when user need this information will increase sales and revenue! It saves your time of manually sending the same info repeatedly.

SEE OUR PRIVACY POLICY to learn how our application accesses, uses, and stores, Google user data.

Companies faced with higher volumes of support and service adopt Keyword based Auto Reply Bot to help manage customer relationship. We are bringing you up to date Sales & Marketing Automation – one of the most immediate digital marketing channels supporting your sales process, with a read rate of 100% instantly.”

Access to a few small Business Marketing Platforms at once and connect with your customers through: SMS Marketing, WhatsApp Business Marketing, Facebook Marketing (Facebook business page), Signal,Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, Viber, Skype, Discord and more. Keywords based Auto Replies to one or all above channels. The best way to market / promote/ advertise your business!

Set up automated marketing campaign that use automation triggers. Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder – will not only handle enquiries for your products, services and FAQ, but also help advertise your business

Unlimited Keywords and Auto Replies, NO need to buy short code, NO setup fee, NO per message payments.

Auto Reply Text Messaging

Integrate into your marketing strategy, Auto Replies to SMS, Signal, Facebook, WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Pages, Google Hangouts, Telegram, Instagram, LinkedIn, Viber, Skype, Discord and Google Voice

Marketing strategies for Small Business, include Digital Marketing, Mailchimp Email Marketing. Brand and B2B marketing techniques!

Text marketing app is full featured trial – 2 keywords for 7 days

Mobile Marketing Services: Save Time, Improve Customer Service, and Productivity!

How to market your business with Keyword based Marketing Texting

1. Set pair of KEYWORD and business promotion or business advertising TEXT MESSAGE
2. Promote Keywords (through your Website, Mailing List, Social Media, etc)
3. Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder will automatically respond to customers with predefined info.

Bulk SMS Marketing System – Save Time for small businesses

Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder App

SMS Marketing Autoresponder


Our marketing automation app helps you implement Mobile Marketing Strategies within Small Business marketing management. Help to stay in touch with your Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Dealers, and Distributors. Used as Real Estate Marketing app, auto reply to Leads / Auto Accept Leads

Use it for your business text messaging campaigns, whatsapp business campaigns or even in conjunct

ion with mailchimp email marketing or any other type of Digital Marketing

Daily Specials, deals, discounts, product information via text message, automate response to property requests for real estate marketing, download URL, put your business info in the customer’s pocket, Directions – clients texting to get directions, car dealership sales representatives or vehicle distribution –24/7 promotion replies for car info requests

Text Marketing Examples: -SMS marketing strategies and best promotion practices: Texting proper

ty ID to get info from real estate agent; Texting Gym to get a list of fitness classes; Texting Yoga to get a schedule

Key Features of Business SMS Marketing Autoresponder App

Keyword based Marketing Autoresponder

Unlimited pairs of keywords / business advertising messages
Multiple autoresponders operate simultaneously
Export phone numbers as a CSV file
Export SMS marketing statistics
Import auto replies from Excel file
Sales & Marketing Tool for Small Business