The main difference between a Keyword-Based SMS Autoresponder App and an SMS Auto Reply App lies in their primary functionalities and use cases.


Business Marketing Autoresponder

Keyword-Based SMS Autoresponder is automatically (instantly) sending targeted text messages triggered by keywords when user need (requests) this information. An App

  • Automates Repeating Tasks
  • Enables You to Provide Service 24/7
  • Boosts Customer Engagement
  • Reduces Overhead Costs
  • Increase Sales and Revenue
  • Saves Time
  • and much more

It handles enquiries for your products and services; auto reply to leads; answer most frequently asked questions and much more.
Customers request service / product information by texting you a specific keyword
You send instant, automated text messages to customers / potential clients after they’ve texted a specific keyword to your phone number



 SMS Autoresponder SMS Auto Reply

Reply to Missed calls – (version on ), Incoming Texts, Signal, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp + 10 more Messengers when you are

  • busy (must-have smart auto response messages),
  • in a meeting (keep your meetings free of interruptions),
  • out of office (smart way to auto respond when you are out of the office),
  • driving (automatically turn ON, when your phone connects to your car via Bluetooth),
  • sleeping (sleeping time scheduler, silent mode, wake-up alarm),
  • on vacation,
  • watching a movie,
  • much more.

For example:Our office will remain closed until the end of this week for Thanksgiving Holidays. But we are here for you. All of your requests will be answered once we are back. Meanwhile please visit”

Key Distinctions between the SMS Autoresponder and SMS Auto Reply:

Keyword-Based SMS Autoresponder App:

SMS Autoresponder

  1. Targeted Responses: This app is designed to automatically send targeted text messages triggered by specific keywords. It responds to user requests based on the keywords they send.
  2. Business Marketing: It is often used for business marketing purposes. It allows businesses to automate responses to customer inquiries about products and services.
  3. 24/7 Service: Provides round-the-clock service by automatically responding to customer inquiries regardless of the time of day or night.
  4. Customer Engagement: Helps boost customer engagement by providing quick and relevant responses to inquiries, thus keeping customers engaged with the business.
  5. Reduced Overhead Costs: Reduces overhead costs by automating responses to frequently asked questions and common customer queries, eliminating the need for human intervention.
  6. Increased Sales and Revenue: By providing instant information and engaging with potential customers promptly, it can lead to increased sales and revenue for businesses.
  7. Time Savings: Saves time by handling inquiries and responses automatically, allowing businesses to focus on other tasks.
  8. Keyword-Driven: Customers request information or services by texting specific keywords to a designated phone number, and the app responds accordingly.


SMS Auto Reply App:

SMS AUto Reply

  1. Multi-urpose: This app is versatile and can be used in various situations, such as responding to missed calls, incoming texts, and messages from multiple messaging platforms like Signal, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.
  2. Response to Various Scenarios: It provides automated responses for a wide range of scenarios, including when the user is busy, in a meeting, out of the office, driving, sleeping, on vacation, watching a movie, and more.
  3. Informative Messages: It can deliver informative messages to the sender, such as notifying them of office closures or providing alternative contact information.
  4. Versatility: It is not limited to business marketing but can be used for personal or professional purposes to manage communication more efficiently.

In summary, the Keyword-Based SMS Autoresponder App is primarily focused on automating responses to specific keywords for business marketing and customer engagement, while the SMS Autoresponder App is a more versatile tool that can respond to various scenarios across different messaging platforms. The choice between these apps depends on your specific needs, whether it’s business marketing and engagement or managing personal and professional communications efficiently.




Build a consistent messaging across each of these channels.

SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, LinkedIn, Instagram, Skype, Line or Viber.

Providing the multi-channel experience to your customers means

  • marketing,
  • selling,
  • and serving

customers on all channels to create an integrated customer experience no matter where a customer reaches out.

The experience will be the same for users regardless of the platform they choose to message you in order to get information.



Combining a regular SMS Auto Reply app with a Keyword Based Marketing Autoresponder can dramatically improve your company’s communication.

Reply to MISSED CALLS and INCOMING SMS and place at the end of your standard “not available” message, a list of keywords users can send you and get auto reply with requested info, like

  • open hours,
  • price list,
  • product info,
  • directions
  • much more

For example: We are busy right now, will back to you later. Meanwhile you can send:
#list – to get a list of our services
#map – to get our location
#product – to get a list of products
#video – to get a video of….

Here is an EXAMPLE of Apps Bundle for Real Estate SMS Marketing