There are different types of apps running in the background on your phone – for example, your email app checking for new messages, Facebook app updating your news feed, even if you aren’t actively using the app at the moment.

Same for Auto Reply Apps.

They are running in the background, “waiting” to incoming messages or ( missed calls available in our permission based Calls/ SMS Auto Reply App) or if they are scheduled to start in the future.

There are a couple of reasons why Auto Reply App turning off / stops working (usually app’s icon disappear from the notification bar – see Notifications Status: Active / Waiting). Here are the main reasons

Deep Sleep Mode

Setting your apps to sleep will prevent them from running in the background

So, please add our app to “never sleeping apps” list.

Go to Settings -> Battery -> Background usage limits.

Deep Sleep Mode

Add our app to the list by tapping the + sign, selecting an app, and then tapping Add.

never sleeping apps

Battery Optimization Feature Optimizes Nearly Every App on Your Phone

Please check, that our app excluded from battery optimization

It works differently on different devices

Allow background activity

Allow background activity for Auto Reply App

Exclude from optimization

Follow step-by step Instruction

Power Saving Mode could stops the apps running in the background.

Remove our app from your power saving settings – do not limit apps

Power Saving Mode