Keyword based Autoresponder need to run in the background constantly in order to reply to incoming texts. By default, device battery optimization feature optimizes nearly every app on your phone and our app COULD STOP WORKING at random if not excluded from battery optimization.

Please check our app excluded from battery optimization

Go to phone Settings à Apps à Choose our app

phone Settings


Tap Battery

Tap Battery



Tap Battery Optimization

Battery Optimization


Tap the “Not optimized” bar and Select “All apps”

App bat not optimized 1


Scroll down and select our app

select our app


Select “Don’t Optimize”

Don’t Optimize


You can see Battery Optimization set to “Not Optimized”

Battery Optimization set to “Not Optimized”



Battery Optimization

Do Not Disturb

Low Priority Notification Chanel

Third Party Apps

Unrestricted Data Access

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