Auto Reply for WhatsApp FAQ

WhatsApp Auto Reply don’t “work”

WhatsApp notifications MUST be allowed!  Please check: Your phone settings -> Apps -> WhatsApp -> Notifications – ON

WA Auto Reply cannot reply when WhatsApp working in the foreground, for example in time you are sending messages. Do not leave WhatsApp on the home screen (in the foreground)

WA Auto Reply cannot reply to Individual or Group if you check to stop notifications from being shown in your notification bar. To check, Tap and hold the individual or group chat in the Chats screen. Then Tap the Mute icon in the top right corner. Check Show Notifications checkbox .

How to ensure the proper work of WA Auto Reply?

Our app reply to WhatsApp notifications!
So if there are no notifications in the notifications bar, our app can’t reply.

To ensure the prompt delivery of WhatsApp notifications, your phone must be configured properly.

  • Make sure that WhatsApp notifications aren’t muted in WhatsApp settings and in each chat:
    • Open WhatsApp, tap More > settings > notifications and make sure that message and group notifications are set to On.
    • Open the chat you wish to receive notifications from > More > group info or info and make sure the chat is not muted.

If the Battery Saver is enabled, notifications will not be delivered to conserve the battery. Make sure the Battery Saver mode is turned off

How to turn WhatsApp Notifications sound OFF?

To turn WhatsApp Notifications sound OFF, go to WhatsApp Settings -> Notifications -> Conversation Tones: uncheck “Play sounds for incoming and outgoing messages”

How to reply ONLY to one or few contacts / numbers?

Go to app menu – Add/Edit – choose Auto Reply

Open “Personalized List” – add contact + personal message for this contact

Close Personalized List

Press Save button

Go to app settings and set “reply only to personalized list ”

This way reply will be sent ONLY to this person(s)

Is There Such a Thing As Bug Free Apps?

Even the world’s most successful developers still get bugs in their apps!  Look at products from Google, Microsoft, and Apple, and you will find bugs, errors, and even crashes!

Some things are impossible to fully test on development servers, and only real live campaigns reveal everything. We always run our own campaigns for testing apps, but that isn’t always perfect.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We know every small interruption causes our customer’s revenue losses and we are extremely sensitive to that.

We appreciate your patience and understanding!

Why it’s not free?

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of developer time and money to make, test and keep a full featured app like ours so we can’t give it away free of charge.