It’s as Simple as 1-2-3

ADD your own Auto Reply message or Edit an existing one.

SET TIME – choose the appropriate Auto Reply from the list and set time to activate it or run it manually.

TURN ON – on the “Auto Replies” screen choose the appropriate Auto Reply from the list and turn it on

How to Add (Configure) SMS Auto Reply

  1. Add your own Auto Reply message (press “+” icon and give it a name) or Edit an existing one.
  2. Add your auto reply message
  3. Add contacts or phone numbers to “Emergency List “, “Do not reply” and “Personalized” lists.
  • Emergency List: A list of people whose phone calls you want to receive any way.
  • Personalized List: a list of people whom you want to reply with personal message.
  • Don’t Reply List: – a list of phone numbers you don’t want to auto reply to
  1. Chose auto reply channel
  2. Tap Save button

How to Set Time for SMS Auto Reply

Respond with Personalized Message

Choose an appropriate Auto Reply from the list.

  • Run auto Reply by Time, once you need it today
  • Run auto Reply by Time + Week Days, once you need it at the certain period on the workdays or on weekend.
  • Run auto Reply by Time + Date, once you on vacation. Holidays etc.

On the Auto Replies Screen, you can also run auto reply manually without defining time.

Turning Auto Reply ON

Response by Time

Choose the appropriate Auto Reply from the list and TURN it ON, using the button to the right of auto reply

A button changes to dark blue once auto reply is turned on. Now, it is waiting to the set time, in order to start running

Once Auto Reply is start running, background changes to dark blue


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