GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder Release

Introducing the smart, simple and free auto response application for Android: GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder.

The GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder was designed from the ground-up to be fast, effective and there when you need it most.

We are constantly involved in a busy lifestyle, and we know that you cannot always respond to incoming messages and calls – therefore, we have created an application to aid you with this problem. The smart Autoresponder is one of the first of its kind.

 Auto-respond messages to your family and friends to let them know where you are or just that you are ok and there is nothing to worry about. Give them the peace of mind next time you become disconnected from the always-connected world.

GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder is Your Private Assistant

GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder is part of the 21st century way to communicate – it’s your own private assistant – inside of your pocket. Are you constantly nagged by your family asking where you are? Are you afraid that they may become worried if you fail to reply? Make sure that they always know where you are – and without you even having to lift a finger when they contact you.

All you have to do is set custom ‘Statuses’ for different events telling the application who, when and what to send to and it will auto respond to phone calls and sms with preset (by you) text message. Also you can set a list of people whose phone calls you will receive any way and a list of people whom you want to send personalized message.

So that when your family contacts you, the app will send your custom reply – yet no one else who contacts you will receive this, convenient, right?

Create different replies for different people, make one for your partner, one for your friend and one for everybody else – it’s fast, efficient and highly effective!

With GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder you Deal with Your Calls/SMS at a Time That Suits You

 Normally, when you do not answer a call it will revert to voicemail – this can be a hassle for some, especially when your recipient needs to immediately know where you are with no way to find out. Our GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder remove this worry and give you a brilliant solution: auto response. No more worrying or constant calling – you choose what each person sees and when they see it.

 We pre-released the application to a group of individuals – and they all found their communicative life much easier to handle, especially when they were busy driving, in a meeting or simply unable to be reached on their mobile phones.

We are excited to see how people will use the GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder in their everyday lives and we hope that you are excited to implement the Autoresponder into your life, too.

 GET Calls / SMS Text Autoresponder is the best way to keep everybody in the loop to why you are not replying – experience it today – available free on Google Play.

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